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We would like to thanks all those groups and persons that have helped, support and make possible this research and the release of all those tools. Thanks to Riereta, Telenoika, Straddle3 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Yves Degoyon:

Alexandra Haché:

Doctor in social economy and ICTs, my initial formation is sociology. If you wish you can download my phd (in french) about "The counterglobalisation movement versus ICTs: Uses, practices and values of contemporary activism" (PDF 7.69Mb).
I am an activist researcher. Actually i am working in an investigation on maps and visualisations applied to a database that lists social and political transformation's groups located in catalonia. I am developping this for the infoespai. I am working also on a study about the interactions between women and icts.
You can contact me here

Jaume Nualart

Alejandra Pèrez

Carles Pijuan

Julien Reulos

Nuria Vergès