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“Oh my feet,” moaned Susi. He sat on the wall, opposite the market, kicked off her shoes and rubbed his fingers together. “That long trek brought me much pain,” he told his friend Marli. “. I’ll rest a little before starting shopping” To which his friend replied. “My feet also need a break, so I’ll take the shoes and I will stay here with you for a few minutes” After a rest, both continued purchases in the market.


I hope that your feet are well today. Otherwise I invite you to sit and share this half hour with us. If you want you can take your shoes off, so you are more comfortable and relieved. For some of us, it may be that your feet are not the most beautiful part of our bodies but I’m sure it must do much to help. Transport our bodies everywhere all day.

What amazing work!


Do you know? I love you to my feet, because I am worried and I like to ride all day. They have to carry me, even if they are tired, I will force myself to follow.

I’m sure you will like to know how to best care for your feet.


How wonderful are your feet! Do not you think? They hold our bodies and transport them to where we command.Have you ever closely examined, these wonderful members of the body? They consist of a myriad of small bones.Almost a quarter of the total number of bones in our body all the’ll find feet. There is a 26 foot bones … 33 unions … and many ligaments, muscles and tendons holding those little bones together.

Our feet are really complex! I’m sure that sometimes the end of the day, let us know you have been working too. I think they say: Give me a break! I’m sure you’ll be spending the same when you feel tired and in pain. They deserve to be treated well.


And we must recognize that not always do, therefore, we will now have some suggestions about how we can care for our feet and keep them healthy and comfortable. You might want to come to a foot doctor and ask him for some advices to take care of your foot. But first, let’s wash and then we will use a hand cream or oil. While enjoying this music prepares the basin to wash them with warm water. Give the dry and then massage.


Let’s try one of the ways of massaging our feet.

First and right sitting, place one of your feet on the opposite knee. Place one hand on top of your foot and the other in the foot.

Rub gently and firmly from toes to ankles and Glide your hands back on your toes and do the same. You will feel a relief and notice how many bones there. After stretching and massage each finger and enjoy the feeling of relaxation that you produce.


Now with a thumb on the other presses in different parts in the sole of your foot starting at the center and then follow by other parties. Then pressed his thumb and makes circles in the arch of the foot and the rounder parts. It will make you feel good.

Then you do the same with the other foot. Put on your knee with your hands and repeat the same operation massaging from toes and ankles. First from the foot and then over and not forgetting finally, finger by finger. Use your thumbs to press in different parts of the foot and circled over the bow to rest and feel relief. At the end wash your hands with hand cream masajéalas too.


I’m sure if your feet could smile would do now! It seems like our two hands may be the best treatment for our two tired feet. But I’m remembering another way to massage your feet. Place in a bowl balls or balls with which children play. Agrégale hot soapy water and introduce your feet there. When you move or you spin the balls under the soles of your feet that will make sure you feel great.


Watch your feet and think about all the hard work they do. I was talking to my podóloga- one specialist foot care and I learned some things we can do to maintain healthy feet. I tell some of these suggestions:

It is good to wash our feet every day. Use warm, hot or cold water and mild soap or anti-bacterial. Rinse and dry them. Be sure to wash and dry between the toes too.


Wash my feet every day it helps me keep them clean and fresh but also relieved. What makes me really well wetted with warm water.

The next thing to do is to keep nails clean and trimmed, but not too short. Not too cuts in the corners because then grow twisted and placed on the skin of the finger and can hurt a lot.


I’ve discovered that cut my nails better after wash my feet or immediately after bathing.


Exactly! That was going to tell you now. Our nails are softer after washing in water and is easier to cut.

Have your skin very dry feet … especially around the heel? This is especially true where the climate is drier. The heels may come to cracking and hurt a lot. You can massage with some vegetable oil or lotion before going into bed. Luegoponte cotton stocking some sleep.


Something important in the care of our feet refers to the shoes we wear. We must choose ones that are comfortable and fit well. It’s nice to have beautiful and fashionable shoes, but it is much more important to have a well fitting.They say it’s better to buy in the afternoon when your feet are tired and swollen from walking. Just get yourself comfortable shoes that fit you never think you are tight that’ll stretch later. Note open space for your fingers, but not too large, so that the foot inside the shoe does not dance.


What about walking barefoot? Could it be that we do well?

I will tell you that sometimes is okay, if you know where you walk and there is nothing that hurts your feet. If you live near the sea, you can walk barefoot on the sand too. But in general, it is best to avoid wear shoes hurt your feet with a piece of glass or a nail, or thorns. In tropical areas is the danger of small parasitic worms that can enter your body through your feet, so it is best to wear shoes, sandals or tennis.


What can we say about doing foot exercises as well as we do for other body parts? You probably think that your feet and did enough exercise to get you from one place to another during the day; and indeed they have done a lot. Walking in shoes that provide good support you and if they are soft mean a great exercise for the feet. But we can do some other type of movements and exercises when we feel our tired and aching feet. We describe only some of them.


The first thing I’m going to suggest is Ball Roll it. Consigueuna small ball like the golf or table tennis. Sit down and take off your shoes. Place your bare foot on the ball and turn it, do not get up, do it sitting. Then change to the other and move the ball under the foot.

Another exercise is to toes. Spread seeds dried beans on the floor and try to lift with your fingers. It’s fun!

Another exercise is to make circles with your foot. Sit up straight, lift your foot in front of you and make circles to one side and then the other. Repeat each exercise several times.


I’m sure these exercises will make you feel rested.

But now I want to talk about something that is not so nice. This is when our feet stink. Do you happen? Mine sometimes do not smell very good. Well I’ll tell you, our feet have thousands of pores or small holes in the skin where sweat. But some people sweat more than others and that can make taking smelly feet. There are some bacteria on our feet and that can also cause odor.

There are some things we can do to smell good.


Wash your feet every day with lukewarm water or even with cold water and enjabónalos to remove dust and germs. If you wear stockings should always be clean and dry and of course you must cambiártelas every day. Use those that are made of cotton or natural fiber if you can get them. More easily absorb perspiration than nylon stockings or other synthetic material.

If you have more than one pair of shoes, do not use every day the same pair. Give your shoes rest at least one day to allow them to dry well inside.


I have some more to share recipes. In my town cinnamon insoles are sold. Ask for them in any shoe. They are very good to absorb foot perspiration and odor also does not let you take the shoes you wear. I recommend; Discover them, cinnamon-templates and place inside shoes and you’ll see …


Let me share a tea … Water … soak your feet in tea water once a week for 30 minutes. The acid kills bacteria and closes the pores inthe skin. Estomantiene your feet dry longer.

And one more; before using your shoes, sprinkle with baby powder or baking soda so they transpire less.


I think my feet are happy with all these ideas. They enjoy much my kind attentions towards them.

I hope you can apply some of this to your tired feet.

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