Fast locks openings in ENGLAND

Locksmiths fast in ENGLAND

 POPULATION:  they present greater complication in the moment of doubling the key due to its closing system, reason why they require of locksmiths for its installation or opening. Its system is easier for thieves to access, so they are disappearing from the current market

Not always the cheapest option is the best option. We try by all means to make the opening without breaking to avoid unnecessary expenses to our customers.

We are an excellent option for you if you are looking for locksmith preston to solve problems in homes, businesses or in neighborhood communities, regardless of who is going to sue. Our team is flexible and sure that we have specialized personnel in everything that you need. Remember us when you need a locksmith. It will verify how we managed to solve your problem in a fast, definitive and very economical way.

Our company also has at your disposal an advisory service to improve the security. Not all locks offer the same guarantees. The installation is very important for each type of door or access.

If you have a problem with your antipanic or need the installation of one, get in touch with us we have among others of antipanic locks single door, double door, glass door, wood, metal, etc.

More and more customers are asking us to include a motor in their doors so that they open and close with a remote control, a key with a chip or a simple switch, a very practical option.

Fast locks installations in ENGLAND

We guarantee a professional, economic and fast work. Our years of experience in the world of locksmithing endorse us.

We work in ENGLAND  with tools and materials of the first quality, in addition to having a team of registered locksmiths with experience in any type of door openings that cause the minimum damages.

We are convinced that our locksmith services in ENGLAND , will make you feel very satisfied for a job well done, quality and guaranteed. We have been working hard to provide the best service to all our customers. If you have any doubts you just have to contact us and we will solve it quickly.

A correct installation should have the maintenance of quality, which is the best way to maintain security in all kinds of housing or company. The expert attention of locksmiths, will provide comprehensive services of all kinds for individuals, industries from all sectors, insurance companies, estate managers agencies, small and large areas, public and private organizations, communities …

As locksmiths in ENGLAND  we offer to your disposition a very professional service in which we include integral locksmith work, such as opening all types of doors, although they are armored or belong to your car, installation and repair of safes and blinds, installation And replacement of shells and locks or making copies of keys, among other things.

If you have any problems with your lock, notice that it does not work properly or it costs you enough to put the key or open the door, call us and we will inform you of the best solution for your case and we will advise you the best solution possible instantly.

Urgent locksmith jobs in ENGLAND

We perform all types of openings, clean and undamaged works (pickles, electromechanical pistols and latest technology). Installation, repair and replacement of floor safety devices for metal shutters.

Nowadays the market offers multiple enclosures, for greater security of the users, due to the great amount of assaults. Recent discussions about the disadvantages of safety locks and their tamper-evidentness allow us to bring this issue, especially as far as bumping methods are concerned.

We do not make distinctions among our clients, all are treated with the best attention and service we have. Throughout our years we have worked with private clients, homes, companies, hotels, restaurants, private companies …

Having a door and a safe lock that prevent the entry of people outside our home is key to keeping our loved ones safe. And to be able to leave home with peace of mind. They are those kinds of things that we are letting go of but that are vitally important. The old doors have locks that are much easier to open for thieves than all the tricks are known to violate the security of a home. However, there are now more sophisticated doors and locks that, although they have a higher price, give our house a much higher level of security.

We commit to ENGLAND  to open doors quickly and without causing damage, and to perform many other tasks of digital or traditional locksmithing. Among these is the installation of security locks, locksmith components specially designed to stop thieves’ attacks.

You can increase your safety by installing a safe. As locksmiths in ENGLAND  we install safes of any size and model. We also repair or open your safe, also of any model or size, whether electronic or mechanized.

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A real photo booth rental sydney! Whether you book months in advance or only a few days before your event, the Cabin-Party mechanics is well oiled. Benefit from professional service in all circumstances for your cabin rental …

The different steps before enjoying your photo booth are:

  1. You request a quote via our website or by phone .
  2. You confirm the order by returning the signed quote accompanied by a deposit of 30% of the amount of the cabin rental photo.
  3. Before the date of your event we organize together the logistics (delivery, customization of the cabin, photo models, options, etc …)
  4. The day before or the day of your event, against the balance of the invoice and a check of deposit, you recover the cabin photo. Coming in dismantled and transportable in a car trunk the rear seats lowered. We can also deliver, install and dismantle the cabin (optional).
  5. You ride the cabin in 20-30 minutes to two people. Turn it on and take full advantage of your cabin according to the desired operating time
  6. After your event, you recover the photos on USB key, you disassemble the cabin before bringing it back.

It is the very design of our photo booth that allows you to rent a real Photomaton® cabin at very competitive rates. You thought a real photobooth was too complicated? too heavy ? Cabin Party proves the opposite with its unique product, a mutant cabin: light, solid and very functional, moving from a box on wheels to a photo cabin cut to accommodate a maximum of people.

Very popular and accessible according to  your city , we offer different delivery options. These services allow you to simplify the logistics and provide you with a turnkey service. Find all the necessary information on our website or by contacting us, see you soon.

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A new application to order meals online

For the past four years, Sylvain Cormier and Francis Levasseur of TechnoSolutions CL have worked on the development of this new tool that will revolutionize Restaurant online ordering methods.

In addition to reducing waiting times at peak times, this new technology will improve customer service, says Cormier, president of the company. “Some people were losing a lot of customers because the wait was too long online,” he explains.

Customers will also be in control of their destiny for the accuracy of the order since the application does not foresee any human intervention before being registered in the restorer’s system. In addition, the order must be paid before being shipped, which also avoids a lot of hassle in the delivery process.

Moreover, this application represents the logical continuation of the PosWebMenu system (for more traditional online ordering) that was launched a year ago.

So far, Fusée rotisseries have followed suit with their Quebec restaurants and will eventually bring technology to their local establishments. The project is also of great interest to the Ti-Coq rotisseries, which are currently in the process of modifying their cash register program to make it compatible with the new application. For restaurateurs interested in using this new technology, which is compatible with sales programs like Veloc and Master D, among others, it costs less than $ 3,000.

“For restaurateurs, it does not change anything. They do not need any training, there is no equipment to buy. They do not need to change their work habits, “says Cormier.

The MTY chain, a major foodservice group with 2,600 restaurants, mostly located in shopping malls, contacted the company to express its interest in this new application of smart phones.

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What are the Good Graduate Schools of Obstetrics and Gynecology News

Health care for women is very specialized. In addition to obstetrics and gynecology, physicians also focus on maternal-fetal medicine and endocrinology, which deals with hormonal diseases and irregularities. Many medical schools have obstetrics / gynecology departments and medical faculty deans and senior faculty members have identified the best in the group. These findings, published in the “Mid-Atlantic OBGYN and US News and World Report,” give anyone who is interested in a professional obstetrician / gynecologist information about possible schools. Northeast

The Harvard Medical School is ranked number one nationwide for women’s health studies. In their third year, students spend three months rotating through obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics

Other high schools in the northeast are Columbia University in New York City. Number six – and the ninth ranked Yale University in Connecticut. In Columbia, medical students have a five-week rotation period for women’s health at one of three major local hospitals. Students observe and participate in basic health services, including childbirth, surgeries, and pelvic exams. Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at Yale University has residency programs for medical school graduates. Options include a focus on maternal and prenatal medicine, oncology, reproductive health and fertility and reconstructive surgery.
Mid Atlantic

In the Mid-Atlantic states, the University of Pennsylvania The department of the Pennsylvania Medical School of obstetrics and gynecology is ranked number three. First year residents will spend nine months rotating through services, including childbirth, clinics, and oncology. Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pittsburgh are tied for fourth place. At Johns Hopkins, medical students spend six weeks inpatient OB / GYN services and two elective courses, such as mood disorders and gynecological pathology. In addition, there is extensive experience in the clinic. Residents of obstetrics / gynecology at University of Medical School gain experience Pittsburgh at Magee-Women’s Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. In addition to their own studies, residents train medical students who are in the hospital during short-term rotations.
Great Lakes Region

Located near the Great Lakes, the University of Michigan’s medical school in Ann Arbor is ranked seventh. Medical students who rotate through the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology are expected to learn and perform many common procedures, such as pelvic exams, contraceptive counseling, and breast exams. Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University is number 11 on the list. Senior medical students interested in OB / GYN are offered elective courses in areas such as general women’s health, research, genetics, endocrinology and infertility. Each course lasts for four, eight or 12 weeks.

The second classified medical school is located in the western part of the USA. During her first two years, medical students at the University of California, San Francisco, take courses in women’s health. In their senior year, in addition to an OB / GYN rotation, students have the opportunity to take elective courses, such as fetal therapy and prenatal diagnosis, and participate in faculty research projects. Ranked 10th in the nation, the University of California-Los Angeles offers third-year medical students an intense internship in OB / GYN. Students experience two weeks in each area: obstetrics, gynecology, and outpatient clinical care. During the six weeks, students are on duty at night many times,

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Critics choose the best films of this century

 What is the best movie of the 21st century? That is the question asked by those responsible for BBC Cultura, who have asked a total of 117 critics from 36 different countries in order to know what is considered the best film of recent times.

Each critic was allowed to present a total of the best Filme online totaling 599 titles , of which a ranking was made with the most voted. The result has been a list of the top 100 films (102 because of the draws) led by the surrealist David Lynch  Mulholland Drive, followed closely by Deseando Amar by Asian director Wong Kar-wai.

 “We wanted to find out which are the best films of recent times, the ones that most people feel more deeply ,” BBC Culture editor Matthew Anderson said. “We hope this list will encourage discussion and debate , not only among film critics and moviegoers, but among all those who enjoy movies and have their own opinion about what a good movie is .”

Outstanding in the list are the directors Wes Anderson, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Christopher Nolan, Michael Haneke, Paul Thomas Anderson and the Coen brothers , all with three ribbons in the ranking.

 2012 is positioned as the year with the most popular cinema ( accumulates a total of 10 titles) and they emphasize the absence of great blockbusters like the trilogy of the Hobbit, the saga Harry Potter or Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as the films of superheroes, that Only has a performance (The Dark Knight of Christopher Nolan). Here is the full list of the top 100 films of the 21st century, according to critics.


Raised initially as a miniseries for television of 6 chapters , Lynch plunges us into a masterpiece of surrealism that even the staunchest fans of the director described as so desperately puzzling, it’s fascinating.



Desiring to love us back to Hong Kong in the 60s, where two couples move into the same building, uncovering dark secrets of their spouses who will carry them to consider what love is.



 2 Oscar winner (one for Daniel Day-Lewis as Best Actor), There Will Be Blood is a powerful drama abouta family who moves to a small town in Texas with the intention of making a fortune in the oil industry. A story about family, greed and religion.


 Directly from the Studio Ghibli came in 2001 Spirited Away, which features entry into a fantastic world of the young protagonist , you will discover that Japanese deities are not as nice as they might seem .Mizayaki tape took the statuette for Best Animated Film.


Linklater took twelve years to shoot Boyhood, the history of Mason (Ellar Coltrane) who have to deal with continual changes, changes of school and friends while gradually is becoming an adult. An ode to youth and staff growth was 3 Golden Globes. 




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THE GUIDE to the kitchen sink: better choices with our tips

What do you usually need from a sink? That it is practical, aesthetic, and simple to maintain. It is one of the most sought-after elements in the house, so it must be as pleasant as it is resistant to  use.

Kitchen sink

Materials, sizes , dimensions , number of bins, so many criteria to take into account to obtain a sink that will make your kitchen more practical and easy to live.

Upstream research work is required before proceeding to the procurement phase. Thus, it is customary first of all to   plan the installation  of the kitchen sink , to evaluate the template, and to know where and how the sink can be installed.

One will wonder about the number of tanks necessary, their depth, and especially the existing configuration that allows to consider serenely the installation of a sink to be installed or built-in .

Sink and built-in stainless steel mixerWe will then inquire about the different  shapes, sizes, marks and sink materials available . ConsoBrico has prepared comparative tables allowing you, depending on your situation and your needs, to select one or more ranges of sinks.

We will also examine the differences between an acrylic sink , glazed stoneware , resin, natural stone – granite , the concrete synthesis , or the new composite materials

A kitchen sink can be installed or installed,  which involves two separate installation techniques. Let us not be guided by step through our tips and videos and discover  best practice  implementation without calling a professional. You want to install a new sink but you do not know how to disassemble the old sink ? Follow the tricks to do a neat job .

The budget will be an important component of the selection but some low-end materials will be avoided that will mechanically increase the final price if a professional is needed for repairs.

Focus on kitchen sink materials.

In the meantime,

Granite or composite material?

Between natural materials , semi natural, synthetic, composite and new products every year, it is not always easy to find oneself. No must choose between a quantity of materials with sometimes obscure names which makes the offer illegible.

All materials have advantages as disadvantages and it is necessary to evaluate the strengths  as weak  of each material before making a purchase that engages you in the long term.

In the meantime,

The mixer in a 2-bin sink and a drainer

In the same way, certain materials that are very “high-end” in terms of their price are not necessarily a guarantee of economy because of their fragility or their durability .

In the meantime,

Marble, for example, a prestigious matter not excellence, will require attention at all times (if it has not been treated in the workshop) because of its porosity.

The price therefore remains an indication and a notion to which we will give relative importance . We’ll look more material based on its lifestyle , the frequency and type of use of the sink , the frequency of maintenance and the time available.

ConsoBrico  worked for you and made a  comparison of the existing  materials on the market with the  +  and   of each as well as a price variable, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Also check out the Drips n Drops which lists the most common problems. We may bring the answers to your questions.

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Electronic music has played an important role in Australian folk music since the first half of the 1980s. This genre has played a unique and fundamental role in the transformation of the Australian subculture. Some of the most significant names in digital production such as  Percy Grainger, Peter Vogel and Kim Ryrie developed the Fairlightsampler , thus becoming a country that pioneered the genre during the 1970s.

Massive electronic music had a very large bloom since the mid-80s thanks to the rave movement . However, as of 1990, the death of dance music was becoming noticeable, especially due to government issues. The governments of all the parties regulated spaces in an attempt to control the events of dance. Despite the constraints, these kinds of events continued to grow in Sydney and Melbourne, especially with the rise of techno music until 1995. It was not until the tragic death of Anna Wood at Sydney’s Phoenician club, when the Government took drastic measures with Police charges at a dance event at Sydney Park in 1995. This event completely changed the scene in Sydney,

Australia is currently collecting what it has been reaping. In the last ten years the new networks of production, distribution and communication, coupled with an over-information unfounded by a superglobalized system, ensures that the innovation and talent of the artists of Oceania is never lost. 

There is no doubt that the musical history of Australia gives a doctoral thesis, to speak from classic labels such as Vicious Vinyl,  to record labels of excellent quality as Future Classic with great artists of the international scene under their sponsorship. That’s why we’ve listed you with some of the top alternative production references in Australia:

1.- Chet Faker

It all began when Nicholas James Murphy, a young resident in Melbourne, worked for hours in a library, where he was carried away devouring books and composing songs. Little by little he came to gather more than 80 songs to launch what would be his first work ” Thinking in texture, ” an emotive and radiant EP with songs as disruptive as Cigarretes and chocolate . Chet Faker chose his stage name inspired by Chet Baker and is especially known for his collaborations with Flume. This Australian DJ and producer already has a first album produced and distributed by Future Classics, in addition to having played in sessions like the Boiler Room and festivals like Coachella or Primavera Sound.

2.- Cut Copy

It is an Australian electropop and indie dance group devised in 2001 by Dan Whitford, producer and designer who decided to join Tim Hoey and Mitchell Scott to release their first EP ” Bright Like Neon Love “. Together they have shared stage with great references of the indie music of the international panorama like Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party and even shared tour with Daft Punk. They have been nominated for Grammy for best dance record with Zonoscope, their last album. We leave you with Free your Mind , a song full of energy and with an incomparable summer air.

3.- Nervous

Nervo is a duet of models, singers, songwriters and dj melbourne formed by two twin sisters,  Miriam and Olivia Nervo . Raised in Melbourne in a family of Italian immigrants. They are known world-wide was its participation in the composition of When Love Takes Over, song of David Guetta and to prick in great festivals like the Tomorrowland, the Arenal Sound or the Zsiget Festival. Just a few months ago we were able to enjoy his talent on the 50th anniversary of the Formigal Aramón station. This is Hey Ricky , an excellent track to get you off the dance floor this holiday season.

4.- Flume

The elegance and talent that comes from this Australian surprises even more when his age is discovered. His first album appeared in 2012, when Harley Edward Streten was only 20 years old. It reached number 1 of sales  in Australia quickly and allied itself with a great friend of his, Chet Faker with whom it sent several subjects that conformed the EP, Lockjaw . The young man began his career with music when he was only  13 years old , when he found a CD with a very basic software to create songs in a box of cereals . The video for their latest single, Some Minds , takes place in Sydney, enjoy this composition in collaboration with Andrew Wyatt.

5.- Flight Facilities

This Australian duo es un dúo de producción de música electrónica conformado por Hugo Gruzman y James Lyell. Juntos han ganado gracias a Crave You numerosos premios internacionales. En 2013, se cosecharon aún más la atención con presentaciones en SXSW en Austin y Falls Festival de Australia. En 2014, formaron parte del Festival de Coachella en Palm Springs en donde lanzaron su primer álbum de larga duración, Down to Earth. Hace apenas un mes distribuyeron el videoclip de su single With you, en el que es imposible no ver su inspiración en los primeros videos musicales de Daft Punk.

6.- Hayden James

Hayden James is a singer-songwriter and producer born in Sydney. He is part of the artists of Future Classics. It uses samples that evoke soul. His song Permission to Love garnered worldwide attention, becoming number one on Hype Machine charts, as well as being the most played song on Australia’s Triple J radio. Certainly a young promise that still has much to go. We leave you with With you, do not miss it, the video is not wasteful.

7.- HVCK

He is not a known artist and is almost marginal internationally, but for more than five years he directed the weekly party, In The Deep End , in Melbourne’s most prestigious underground club. A reference of the resurgence of the house and techno scene in the city.

HVCK has a unique style as a DJ, with which it conveys a sense of eccentricity and familiarity through its mixtures. In 2014 took place the debut of his EP Halfway Home , along with a series of coveted remixes.


Another minority group. Savoir is led by the voice of Mei Swan ‘s evocative vocalist  Savoir is completed with the atmospheric production of James Ireland and Andrew Sinclair. Savoir lowered his World debut in Sydney at the end of last year with a remix of the mentioned Harvey Sutherland.

9.- Knife Party

What happens if your group breaks up? Because you decide to create a new one with the bases of the previous one. That’s what Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, former members of Pendulum, decided to do. Together they composed Knife Party, name that derives from a song of the group Deftstones. This Australian dubstep / brostep group can boast of having been part of the soundtrack of one of the most famous series of all time, Breaking Bad,  besides having mixed themes of Swedish House Mafia and being part of festivals like Tomorrowland or The Ultra Music Festival.

10.- Empire of the sun 

This Australian set is a real live show. The group consists of Luke Steele of The Sleepy Jackson and Nick Littlemore of Pnau, originating in Sydney. The group has acquired a certain popularity in many parts of the world thanks to its characteristic sound and the somewhat mystical and alternative theme of its image. They were honored in 2008 with their debut album Walking on a Dream  which earned them international recognition and double platinum in Australia and gold in the UK. In 2015 they will release their third album titled Every Ocean Tells a Story, forming part of their new singles released in 2014: Tonight and Wandering Stars .

However, this list does not represent half of new talents and consecrated classics that encompasses Australia. If you want to know more about it, do not hesitate, this country is an unsuspected source of creativity and musical history. Australia is one of the greatest references of contemporary electronic music.

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Photography and video from the kayak

More and more we want to transmit and keep our experiences aboard our kayaks. Digital cameras resistant to water and dust, and even better, the submersible cameras, allow us to record our journeys. In my case I use a Fuji Z33 camera, submersible at 3 m:

Almost all the photographs and videos I have made since my kayaks have been made with this camera. It does not make much sense to praise or criticize this model, since each one has his tastes and his economic possibilities in the selection of the equipment. I will limit myself to pointing out this model as one of the best value for money, you can check more on comparison. But the most important thing when it comes to video recording above all is the tripod, although there are those who hold the camera to the chest, helmet, cap and also with the mouth … I use this tripod subject with elastic bands:

As you can see, the rubber grips each leg of the tripod with a simple knot and when they strap, they do not come loose. The plastic hooks I took advantage of a motorcycle net, and with them attached the rubber to the life line of the kayak:

These tripods have a system to be able to put and remove the camera quickly with the press of a button.Then slide the part that we screwed into the camera and separates from the tripod.

This is why you have to remember to lock this quick adjustment system when the camera is to remain on the tripod, as this will prevent it from releasing involuntarily.

In case this happens, I always carry the camera to the kayak with a safety rope.

As seen in the photograph, the tripod is just in front of the bathtub to manipulate the camera, orienting it, shooting photographs or recording video:

I’ve only done recordings with rough waters, so when I try to surf, we’ll see how he responds.

As I said, there are several systems to attach the camera to the kayak, but I think it is important to note that the height between the camera and the kayak hull influences the frame that we can get when we make a video, for example. If the camera is very close to the hull it will be very difficult to avoid taking the bow out of the frame, since we will have to place the camera in a contrapicado position, which will lose much information, landscapes, kayaks of the companions, beaches, etc.

On the contrary, the higher the tripod has, the more possibilities we will have to focus around without constantly referring to our kayak. Not to mention that it will be much easier and comfortable to operate the camera and, above all, to see on your screen what we are recording or photographing.

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Benefits of having a food processor in your kitchen

Food processors began to make their appearance in the 1960s. Since then this product has grown in popularity to the point where the food processor has become an essential component of many modern methods of cooking. Chefs have created countless delicious recipes through the use of this appliance. The food processor is a kitchen helper that no cook can do without.

A must in every kitchen

Given the amount of time and labor that is spent when using traditional methods of chopping, grating and kneading, it has become very difficult for modern parents to prepare a decent home-made meal. As most parents choose to have a career instead of staying home, the cooking time has become very limited. The repetitive action of chopping, mashing, mashing or cutting is enough for anyone who works disgruntled and run off to the nearest fast food store.

The food processor has eliminated practically all the labor required and will reduce the preparation time. Modern chefs make extensive use of food processors. The device has become a necessity in such a way that it can no longer be seen as a jewel item that is only used from time to time.

Virtually all food programs alone on television will show the chef armed with a chefs knife and a food processor. This has increased the use of the appliance even more since most of these dishes are designed for the home cook. The creation of healthy, nutritious and delicious dishes have become a breeze and is done in no time at all. This is precisely what the cook requires from home and is difficult to achieve without the use of a food processor.

How does it work?

A food processor is an electrical apparatus which is composed of a mixing vessel and a series of blades and discs. The container should ideally be able to hold 9 cups as the liquid processing only by cutting the capacity in half. The feeding tube of the lid should be wide enough for large pieces of food. The processors are equipped with a safety function and only processing will start once the lid and bowl are blocked and sealed.

These safety features are a requirement and apply to all brands of food processors. Some of these devices are equipped with suction cups on the base to prevent the machine from moving around during the process. There are basically two types of sheets that come with the processor. The essentials are s-shaped stainless steel sheet, and plastic sheet. The stainless steel blade can be mounted on the bottom of the bowl to allow easy cutting, grinding, mixing or mixing of vegetables and meat. The plastic sheet is mainly for the bread mix and the pizza dough. The two disks that usually come with a food processor are designed to cut and grille ends.

The cutting disc has several thickness settings. The discs used for grille purposes also come in different sizes. The processor is usually equipped with more than one speed option. The pulse controls come in very well when making bread or pizza dough, as it will help you to create a perfect texture and not over mixing. An orange squeezer, limes or making grapefruit juice and an egg whisk that can be used for cooking purposes are other essential accessories. Some food processors have additional or optional features and accessories that may be helpful to particular people depending on their needs.

A mini processor that can be used to grind spices like cardamom and cinnamon bough is quite an ingenious accessory. It can also be used to cut small amounts of vegetables, fruits or herbs. Touch-screen devices control to prevent any liquid from entering the panel and therefore, can be easily cleaned. Another useful option is the ramp leading to another vessel. Large quantities of food can be processed non-stop as it simply enters another container when the main begins to fill.

Be selective when buying a processor

These options are useful, but not always necessary, as they can affect the price when buying a food processor, you can check the trusted source. Investing in a good quality food processor can prove to be a costly affair, but a food processor can save you time and help you create healthy and delicious dishes in no time. If you have a family and prefer homemade meals and then a food processor will be a good investment.

If you do not have a family to entertain on a regular basis then you will be able to prepare gourmet dishes at a fraction of the cost of a good food processor. The range is wide and varied and will certainly meet all the requirements for the fiery home cook.

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Italian coffee makers why are the best espresso machines? Know your history!

Why Italian coffee are considered the best in the world? The machines made in Italy are leaders in the world of baristas to offer the best performance and achieve the highest quality, but why the Italian? The reason is simple, we talk about the country considered the birthplace of espresso.

The espresso is part of the national culture in Italy. The style and shape taking are unique. There is even an Italian Espresso Institute to protect the way the Italians drank coffee.

The origin of espresso


The story began espresso thanks to Italian Luigi Bezzera, a businessman who wanted his workers tardasen less time to prepare and drink coffee, so they could work longer hours. So he created, in 1901, introduced a machine that pressure in the process of making the drink, reducing setup times.

Thus they were born the Italian espresso machines. They stressed from the beginning not only by the speed of production but the aroma obtained in each cup of coffee, which stood to extract all the features of the beverage.

Bezzera sold his patent to Desidero Italian espresso machines Pavoni, who began to develop new mechanisms for optimal flavor, until in 1938 was first installed on a machine espresso coffee Achille Gaggia. The owner, Gaggia, began manufacturing the first commercial Italian espresso coffee piston in 1946, which allowed to create a cream with a unique texture, essential characteristics of espresso.Later in the 70s he created machines with similar characteristics for domestic use.

That is why we talk about Gaggia is talking about one of the leaders in the creation of the Italian espresso machines.

But not only Italy is linked to the creation of the coffee, but the development and innovation of these machines. The latest trends, innovation and progress in the world of professional coffee machines are in Italy.

Therefore the most prestigious in the market, such as luxury coffee Elektra are made in Italy to ensure the details and the perfect finish.

One of the Italian coffee Elektra reference, the machine Belle Epoque is made by craftsmen for more than 60 years ago in Italy. With quality materials, blends retro style with the latest technology making a piece proprietary design that distinguishes it from the others and has become a cult object for lovers of good Italian espresso.

The best baristas use Italian coffee


This kind of Italian coffee machines are used by the most renowned baristas in the world, thanks to his skill and mastery of these professionals and play with different types of milk or spirits machines, manage to create unique cafes and perfecting the technique of latte art.

Creativity and taste merge in this technique until a single final result. All thanks to the art of baristas and the use of professional best Italian coffee machines and all accessories.

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Simple Tips on how to clean the carpets steam

These days, you need to be prepared to steam clean carpets at home. To accomplish this, you must ensure that you have a steam cleaner that works well expert. When you choose the right cleaner, the end result will be able to recognize the reasons why many people really love it.

Get the Dirt

These steam cleaners can get more dirt from their own carpets compared with normal vacuum cleaners. We refer to this type of dirt and stains that can not be seen with the naked eye.

Dirt on your carpet may include allergens such as pet dander that can affect people struggling with allergies. However, with this type of carpet cleaners, these allergens can be eliminated.

Avoid the residue

Most carpet steam cleaning  have detergent in its composition, but by the revolutionary system that make use of, simply can back that release detergent to clean their own carpets and rugs. They can be used without effort.

As for cleaning your carpets, it is not in any way a great idea to make use detergent or shampoo in them, as they often leave a residue that attracts dirt.

This is why it is highly recommended for steam cleaning carpets without detergent and hot water only, as this effectively removes dirt.

More fresh scent in your home

Carpets which have in your home to determine the smell of it. Even if you can not perceive any smell in your own home, your home has a particular ordour. However, as soon as thoroughly clean your carpets and rugs, you end up being able to notice a change in the smell of your home, as it will be cooler.


It is much easier to own your own steam carpet cleaner than renting one another. But even more convenient to hire a professional carpet cleaner can do a deeper work on the carpet.

They have access to the most advanced and hardware for the best result for your carpeting home technology.

Even if the cleaning is not carried out by a carpet cleaning company it may still be much easier to thoroughly clean your home with your own carpet cleaner.

Moreover, as long as you have your own system steam cleaning carpets, you do not have to worry about your condition, as it certainly will end up being the use of it. Renting one of these machines can be very stressful, because you have to always be careful not to ruin it.

Cleaning other areas of the home and office cleaning

There are several types of steam cleaners carpet are recognized to thoroughly clean much more than just your carpets. The models are equipped with adapters be further tubes that can be used to clean the curtains or upholstery. Moreover, there are several, they are able to clean hard floors you may have, too. There is absolutely nothing better than having the ability to clean the entire house using a single article.

There are also companies office cleaning and carpets that can make a very good job

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What do I do with the coffee capsules?

Six in the morning: Wake up, shower and coffee. A capsule to the machine and ready in half a minute. Increasingly those at home for breakfast or any other time of day, coffee makers with single-dose system, fast, clean and comfortable for the user. Everything advantages? Not for the environment.The capsules are a waste than traditional methods of making coffee is not generated. Faced with this problem and at the request of customers with ecological awareness, brands are developing mechanisms to minimize environmental impact. Some have chosen to research and develop biodegradable materials, others by creating networks own recycling, still undeveloped but expanding.

Coffee capsules are not considered packaging containers according to the Waste Act. “This is because the capsule is indivisible containing product. For this reason, does not fall within the chain of recycling containers such as bottles, cans or bricks that are deposited in the yellow container but must be done in other ways, “confirmed from Ecoembes. Therefore, some companies have launched programs of collection and recycling of this product. This is the case of Nespresso and Dolce Gusto, both Nestle.

Since February 2011, they began to be installed in Barcelona clean points for recycling Dolce Gusto capsules . There are still few containers in the Spanish geography, around 150, mostly in the Catalan capital, Bilbao, Valencia and Seville. “It ‘s a growing process, our plan is to have in Madrid later this year or early next , ” explains Carles Monsó, representative of the brand. This is, so far, the only way for users to return used packaging and is a practice that still need totravel both by the company, developing more his collection network, and users.

In this sense, nespresso compatible capsules sg brings you advantage. It began its recycling program in December 2009 and already has 770 collection points in Spain, including its 36 stores, which customers can take the capsules used. ” It is the collection point that I like because there are videos that explains the process , ” says Jaime de la Rica, marketing director of the firm. ” We recycle aluminum both like coffee. But a good network is essential and we try to innovate to increase “details. So far, the company says it has capacity to recycle 75% of capsules sold, a goal that has completed one year ahead of schedule, but does not confirm the volume actually return customers.

Brands are reluctant to provide data onthe percentage of capsules that are recycled the total sold. The Organization of Consumers of Spain (OCU) did a survey among its members last November to see what they did with their Nespresso. Only 18% said that led to the shop when they buy new. 73% recognized that tossed away, while 9% said they had “other things” with them.

They are many or few, the process is underway and with intent to expand, as expressed brands that encourage any user to find your nearest collection point for waste management that respects the environment. But what companies do with these materials? Both separated plastics or aluminum respectively coffee.The first are recycled in specialized plants in these materials. Taste Dolce plastic, serves, for example, for manufacturing furniture such as benches or urban dustbins. “And we are exploring alternative ways to give them a second life as sound barriers on highways,” adds Monsó.

What about coffee? It is also recycled. The grounds are used to make compost for plants. Both companies do, although the end use is different. While it sells Dolce Gusto, Nespresso gives the credit to rice farmers in the Ebro Delta to those who buy their entire harvest to donate to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks.In 2011, they donated 50 tons of rice, and in 2012, 68. An amount expected to exceed in 2013.

But recycling is not the only alternative to avoid the environmental impact of the capsules. The Senseo , Douwe Egberts, are manufactured with traditional filter paper. For this reason, you can pull into containers for organic waste. But only the coffee, because they contain milk “have an internal structure of plastic (polypropylene). This plastic is recyclable itself, but when mixed with coffee grounds and filter can not be disposed of in the plastic container , “say company sources.

In this line, the brand Ethical Coffee Company, sells a 100% biodegradable capsules compatible with Nespresso coffee machines. Coffee may not know thesame, but once used can be thrown away with the remains of fish and the banana peel.

An alternative for those coffee lovers with a home machine whose brand not recycle the capsules (eg Digrato, El Corte Ingles, has no program in this sense) is to extract the coffee to use as home fertilizer for acid-loving plants like roses, blueberries, azaleas or hydrangeas, which gives them coffee potassium, magnesium and nitrogen. The popular wisdom says that the coffee grounds also serve to unclog pipes.

Once emptied some have cast him reused imagination and capsules for crafts .Especially Nespresso, which by its malleability and colors are used to make jewelry by hand. In the network there are many tutorials and ideas to reuse these capsules. Squashed serve to make earrings, pendants or brooches. The brandBlancier Handmade Watche s has gone a step further and sold (at a price that is not available to any pocket) watches ‘Grand Cru’, whose sphere is a Nespresso capsule.

However, despite the good intentions of manufacturers and users, as well as the most crafty, still a long way to go before the fresh coffee in the morning minimizes adverse environment. The road is being done, now missing … walk it to the nearest recycling center.

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Activities to learn the alphabet in English

One of the most basic activities in English and any language is learning the alphabet . But as we get in the first classes, it is easy to forget over time. “Well” , I say, “but knowing the alphabet is useless, I what I want is to find words to express myself .”

Are you one of those who think this? Well, maybe you have not stopped to think that knowing the name of the letters will allow you to spell ( spell ) any word in English, which makes it easier to make you understand if you know how topronounce each letter separately. This is basic, for example, if we go to England and try to talk to a native speaker to ask where a street and the man can not decipher our friendly Spanish accent.

como aprender ingles facilmente, There are several ways; if you have more visual or auditory memory, you can use any of the following resources, with a video or image.
Phonetic transcription is not only I put you well if you rinse it better. To learn the (fundamental for an English not confused when you spell a term) sounds you can do with video that I’m going to get. Try to repeat one by one between silence; and if you see that do not have time, I stop it before hearing the next.
Do it several times and definitely will be recorded. But if you need something more entertaining, certainly you might remember this song. It is more designed for children and it may be for the little ones:

I hope that this will better time to spell a word in English you clarify. Remember, however, that the English pronunciation has more sounds of the names of the letters and you have to get to know the English phoneticsto further improve pronunciation.

Did you served this tutorial to improve your English? Please share it with your friends on Facebook if you know people who are starting to learn the language.

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Diet red and green tea to lose 5 kilos in a week

Tea Diet

Here is a  tea diet to lose 5 kilos in a week , where we will also talk about the properties of two infusions and what you choose: green tea or red tea to lose weight . Many people who want to drink tea to lose weight , are formulated the same question, which of the varieties of tea will serve us. Or: How tea or green tea? Find out here and know better diet tea.

Greater or lesser extent, each of these types of tea have some property that relate to the same, that is to lose weight fast . In this article we will discuss more about the differences of these two infusions currently being used in many weight loss diets.

In this article well give you a 3 week diet tea to lose 5 kilos, let you comparing these tea so you can choose if the red tea or green tea .

If they want to lose weight especially belly and arms, some good remedies for weight loss in these areas is baking. Find out here as losing weight in a week with baking soda.

Red slimming tea

The red tea slimming , it is most commonly used to lose weight fast infusion. The name by which he is known is the pu-erh, this slimming tea is used by the ease with which to burn fat and by the action of accelerating metabolism .

Properties of red tea:

The properties that has red tea weight loss are many, besides being the time for our body healthy.


  • Red tea is a diuretic: helps prevent fluid retention and eliminate toxins from the urine
  • Take a red tea half an hour after each meal helps digestion.
  • Red tea reduces cholesterol in some studies
  • Red tea boosts metabolism
  • Red tea burns fat: According to a study conducted at the University Hospital in Tainan, subjects who participated in this lost more than 15% fat. This is one of the reasons why red tea is one of the most famous slimming


How to take red tea to lose weight

  • Red tea weight loss is best taken with ginger or cinnamon (and thus avoid sweetened with white sugar or saccharin)
  • Take it fasting or half an hour after eating
  • To lose weight do not forget to stop taking sugar, processed food …

Green tea slimming

Green tea is among the teas that help you lose weight fast . It has been scientifically proven that green tea helps no doubt to remove fat from our body and it is an excellent antioxidant.

The green tea is slimming  and that is now being used in all kinds of diets, particularly diets to lose weight by cleansing effect So even has its own green tea diet we’re talking about here.

Properties of green tea:

The properties of green tea are best known to all. In addition to diet, they include its antioxidant properties and many other therapeutic effects.


  • Green tea is antibiotic and anti-aging
  • Green tea is a good blood purifier and intestinal
  • Regulates your digestion
  • A study by the Medical Center of the University of Maryland, catechins in green tea increase the metabolism and thus helps burn fat
  • Green tea also has a satiating effect that helps us to eat less.

Like taking green tea for weight loss

  • Green tea diet is to be taken 20 minutes after each meal. We should not sweeten with sugar or saccharin as this will counteract the effects of green tea besides not being beneficial to our body. If you want to spice I could dress it with herbs, lemon or red fruits.
  • Green tea leave more than 5 minutes to release all its properties
  • Take about 3 or 4 cups a day to start noticing the slimming effects of green tea

Then you know if you opt for tea or: How or green tea? These two types of tea serve to lose weight several kilos a week if we follow good diet tea, so you can choose red tea or green tea to lose weight according to their flavor will be more palatable or other properties that contribute to our body either tea.

Another tea that is being used in diets to lose in a week , is the black tea , although it is not named, also it has some slimming properties.


Prescription Diet Tea

If you’re trying to make a diet to lose 5 kilos in a week , you’re telling me that you want to wear that dress that no longer fit, or going for a walk to the beach, or you have an appointment or just because you want see good about yourself. That’s why in this article will help you to have the weight you’ve dreamed of . We propose a plan tea diet to lose weight fast and soon you’ll be able to see you well.

Menu to lose weight fast

  • First day diet : Fruits and vegetable soups. You can consume all kinds of fruit including cantaloupe and watermelon. The only drinks allowed are: red tea , green tea without sugar, natural juices and water.
  • Second day of the diet : fresh steamed vegetables and vegetable soup. Try not toeat corn, beans and peas. On this day we should not eat fruit of any kind.
  • Third day diet : To make tea diet to lose 5 kilos in a week, he must combine green leafy vegetables, fruits and vegetable soup.
  • Fourth day diet : Skimmed milk and vegetable soup and can eat up to 6 bananas.
  • Fifth day diet : 200 grams of fish or chicken, lean beef and vegetable soup. To eliminate uric acid are due to ingest 2 liters of water.
  • Sixth day diet : 3 fillets of lean meat, vegetable soup and green leafy vegetables.
  • Seventh – day diet : vegetables without limitation, natural fruit juices, vegetable soup and a cup of brown rice.

If you follow to the letter this diet red or green tea watch your weight can  lose 5 kilos in a week , Whatever you get!

If you see that it costs such a diet based on tea, another way there to lose weight pudes see it in this article on quick diet pills .

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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin improve IVF outcomes

In women with deficiency of luteinizing hormone (LH), the use of low doses of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) would improve the outcome of in vitro fertilization (IVF), it suggests a study.

The research, published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, aimed to observe the effectiveness of a protocol of ovarian stimulation with an antagonist of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH, its acronym in English).

“Some patients have low levels of LH during ovarian stimulation and a lower rate of embryo implantation and pregnancy during the IVF cycle,” said lead author Anthony M. Propst.

“The study demonstrates the potential of low dose hCG to replace HL activity in patients with low levels of this hormone,” he added.

The team Propst, of Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, says that rates of fertilization and implantation could be significantly higher in IVF cycles with donor gametes if GnRH antagonists are used with recombinant HL .

This suggests indirectly that HL deficiency would cause a decrease in rates of embryo implantation and pregnancy.

In reviewing another technique called ICSI, clinical information of 239 women treated with IVF and the team it focused on patients with HL levels up to 0.5 mIU / mL.

In the cohort, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH, for its acronym in English) and recombinant combination with a low dose of hCG yielded similar rates of embryo implantation (37 percent) and live births (49 percent).

But in the 42 patients with HL deficiency, these rates were 19 and 25 percent, respectively, with FSH and 54 and 64 percent more FSH hCG.

The researchers say more study is needed, but concludes that “add a low dose of hCG improves embryo implantation and live birth rate in women with low levels of HL” undergoing IVF.

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Campaign warns of the dangers of hookah

Kết quả hình ảnh cho It seems harmless, but smoking hookah is like smoking 100 cigarettes.

In the National Day Against Snuff, held today (29), government and civil society organizations warn of the damage caused by the use of hookah smoking pipe widely used in Eastern countries. The theme of this year promoted by the Ministry of Health campaign is “It seems harmless, but smoking hookah is like smoking 100 cigarettes.”

According to psychologist and consultant to the Cancer Foundation, Cristina Perez, a session of hookah pipes for sale lasts an average of 60 to 80 minutes, during that period, the person is exposed to the same toxic components present in the smoke of a hundred cigarettes including snuff and nicotine.

The risks are the same associated with smoking and include respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases and some cancers, according to Perez. There are still, in the specific case of the hookah, the aggravation of socialization, since the proposal is that the same tube is shared by a group of people. The collective use increases exposure to diseases such as herpes, hepatitis C and tuberculosis.

“Some believe that the hookah does not hurt because it contains water. But in fact, also contains snuff smoke and cause the same damage, “said the expert. Snuff industry, she says, knows that people know the damage that smoking does, he kills, and tries to diversify its sales to keep the market. Alternatives are, for example, the hookah and the electronic cigarette.

Special Tobacco Survey, launched in 2008 by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute (INCA), indicate that there were 300,000 consumers hookah in Brazil at that time.

The survey Profile of Smoking among College Students in Brazil, conducted in 2011 by the Ministry of Health, also highlighted the high proportion of hookah users among the public health area selected courses. In Brasilia and São Paulo, students who reported frequently consuming any other product derived from snuff, 60% and 80%, respectively, used the hookah.

According to INCA, about 200,000 people die each year in the country as a result of diseases caused by smoking. Lung cancer is one of the biggest indicators of the impact of snuff on health, since 90% of cases occur among smokers or former smokers. In Brazil, it is the type of cancer that kills more men and the second most kills women.

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Cosmetics Maystar in collaboration with lift x mercado livre starts this week an online campaign that wants to educate women that beauty is not only what is seen, which is not related to age or a particular lifestyle.



Under the slogan “Your personality defines your beauty”, Maystar Cosmetic looking professional, real, mothers, athletes, family … Women women who are not perfect nor pretend I be but feel beautiful and strive to enhance their natural beauty, without losing its essence and still be themselves, and is a #MaystarWoman cares about everything that brings well-being and that it is beneficial to stay healthy inside and out. Women quevisten its beauty with a smile or a tear their clothes off, because laugh, cry, enjoy, suffer and struggle every day to be happy.

In this quest for #MaystarWoman, it has selected six ambassadors representing 100% of the Decalogue which has produced brand of cosmetics to define the profile of the woman who represents the values ​​of our brand. They are: Estel Serrats, Ana Garcia, Milagros Plaza, Silvia Bosch, Gloria Morales and Mayka Jiménez de Aranoa.

The campaign can be followed in all Maystar RRSS Cosmetics: Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

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Safety course for using circular saws

Safety tips for using circular saws

Circular saws are used to cut a variety of woods of various thicknesses and types. They can be used to cut clean and precise lines in the wood, which is placed on a table designed for the use of this saw . The security is important when using any power tool, including circular saws. Whether you’re using a circular table attached or saw circular hand , know how to use the tool correctly is crucial.

Read the guide to buying a perfect saw.

Before using the saw

Put on your equipment protector before turning the circular saw. Always wear goggles safety and mask against dust to prevent inhalation of both dust and debris. Consider using earplugs if the saw produces a lot of noise.

Make sure all cables feeding and clothing are away from the table saw and the blade. Make a review of this to make sure the blade is sharp enough for the job. Inspect the lower retraction blade guard to make sure it is moving and working freely.

Check the position of the blade and adjust the depth of the blade before turning on the saw. Block it at an ideal depth where the saw tooth extends no more than 1/8 inch (0.3 cm) below the wood.

Keep the saw blade and the protective area clean and free of debris and sawdust sheet. Also make sure that dust and dirt do not cover the engine or cooling vents. The buildup can clog the saw, lower the rotation or take it out of position.

If you are left, walks with great care and caution. Most circular saws are designed for righties. Left-handed users will have to be very aware of saw operation and handling.

When using the saw

Make sure the protector of the lower retractable blade work properly during use. It must return to the starting position before the saw go down. Always use both hands when if you cover the saw. A hand should be in the front handle knob and the other must be on the trigger.

Wait until the saw has reached its maximum power before you start sawing wood. The wood must be attached to a cutting table with tweezers, if necessary. If you need to adjust the depth of the blade or the position of the wood, always turn off and unplug the saw from the power supply before changing the depth or position.

Things to avoid during use

Keep your hands free and clear of the saw blade during use clothing. When moving the saw, keep one hand on the trigger zone. Disconnect the saw when you want to move to another area.

Do not try to force during cutting and not wrest you turn or during use. You should not try to force the blade guard in the open or closed, or under the protective scope of the blade position.

When the saw is used to cut wood, wood checks before and during use to see which nails, screws and other elements are not trapped in it or not in the path of the blade. Never try to sobrextenderte to completely cut a piece of wood and keep the balance when the wood is cut.

If the saw begins to shake or vibrate excessively or sheet does not seem to be moving at full speed, turn off the device and unplug it before solving the problem.

At the end of a cut or lifting the saw cut, do not release the trigger while the saw is still in the wood. Stop the blade suddenly can cause wood or saw jump or create waste.

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National campaign seeks to improve the health of the brain in older adults

The national annual Home for the Holidays tries to educate the public about the health risks of the brain in older adults and simple strategies to help reduce these risks

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There are many examples of how to play with the stories and characters to publicize the release of a film or series. In that game between reality, fiction and advertising promotion is where you can find some interesting ways that will result in different creative and worthy of being remembered campaigns.

When high budgets and rates of investment in advertising films not 100% conventional means and campaigns engage arise certainly proposed more interesting and original that they meet not only the very purpose of the mainstream media in effectiveness, but they are also able to splurge large dose of originality and creativity. The case of the series is different and more if they have the support of a large company.

The promotion campaigns supported films and series and use all kinds of formats.The most used by its viral power, is the Street Marketing , but not the only one.Websites that expand the plot, videos fake complementary, posters that reveal part of the story and imagery of the film … The goal is to generate previous expectation to its release or directly increase, especially in the big blockbusters and blockbusters.

Among the ingredients of such developments, we can highlight:

  • Claim to reality: Without breaking the magic of fiction , not about putting unicorns and fantasy where there are none, but the contents and pieces created to be treated as a real element, even to create buildings with important historical events.
  • Expand the narrative possibilities and strategies of transmedia narrative : The plot of the film is transmitted, complete and unfolds through different means.
  • Humor: Offering a nod to the consumer / viewer.

These features combined effectively, ensure the viral campaign and ensure your success. I list it here several examples of films that once counted on creative and powerful marketing campaigns. If you want to enjoy these films, please visit to watch movies online for free.

The project of the Blair Witch
This film should be studied as the perfect paradigm of viral marketing and advertising films. And has even more credit for its pioneering role, as it was in an earlier era social networks. The creators, Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, in particular, the marketing executive Steve Rothenberg, failed to see the potential of the emerging Internet and taking advantage of the original idea to convince the public that what was going to see was a real documentary and that the three students had really disappeared. You can still visit the website that was the germ of the whole legend.

Deadpool (2016)

Click here to watch dead pool online on Movietube.

To promote this remake , which tells the story of an unpopular girl who has psychic powers, an extremely viral video before its release in which customers of a cafe in New York saw suddenly made ​​a girl started to do strange things. With over 60 million views on project free tv, it is a perfect example of generating viral argument from a horror movie .

The horror is, in fact, one of the most suitable for this type of action. In “Annabelle”with her ​​doll and a hidden camera , or “The Last Exorcism” and the unknown on the other side of the webcam , fear through the screen through a clever marketing action.

Better call Saul
In a risky but fun action, Movistar Series prepared the following chart to promote the premiere of “Better Call Saul” series spin off of “Breaking Bad,” which is about the beginning of this charismatic lawyer. ¿Real and sincere self-criticism?

The Fight Club

marketing campaign raised by David Fincher for “Fight Club” was never released because it was rejected by the studio executives. Could it have been a success?We’ll never know. Still, it’s worth by how well you name it supports the anti-globalization and anti-trade concept of the film. Under the appearance of two PSA type (which can be seen in the bonus material on the DVD of the film), the two protagonists finally tell us something more …

“This is a non-smoking theater, please do not smoke. Out of respect for the audience, do not talk during the screening of the film and turn off their mobile phones. And remember, no one has the right to touch her crotch. “

“This film is equipped with various outputs and visible permanently illuminated emergency. In case of fire, please leave calm and orderly manner through these outputs. Thank you. Did you know that urine is sterile? It is, that means you can drink it. “

The Dark Knight
In the second part of the trilogy Christopher Nolan directed Batman, one of the first images that appeared following the claim was actually a poster of the election campaign of one of its protagonists, Attorney Harvey Dent. Days later, the same image began to be seen in many American streets and on the internet, but it was not exactly the same …

Before and after Harvey Dent

This second image redirected to a website where they are asked users email. They received a series of instructions that could interact with the photo and reveal different image hidden within it: the characterization of the late Heath Ledger as Joker. Unveiling a strategy that gives small advances on the film and the macabre antagonist and will also be used in “The Dark Knight Rises.” You can also visit project free tv to watch full series of Batman.

Heath Ledger as Joker

Toy Story 3
The more a genre, medium or format, the easier it is to make known parody content. That is one of the specialties of Pixar, which made ​​this false announcement eighties VHS aesthetic and image of one of the toys protagonists of the third part of the hit animation.

X-Men 2: Days of Future Past ( watch full series of X-Men at watch movies online)
On this occasion, the promotion of “X-Men 2: Days of Future Past” took advantage of one of the most traumatic events in the history of US policy: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. On the central axis conspiracy, creative marketing gave an original theory of impossible curve the bullet did: was the mutant Magneto, with its power to move the metal with the mind, the head of the bullet deviate. All information of the conspiracy theory, here .

This film is worth the small format prior to its release as a video teasers . As this clip, a corporate advertisement in which the David robot character in the movie, and the company responsible for manufacturing speak of all its advantages and its mechanism.

The Walking Dead
Finally, you can see this action that made ​​Sky Austria in collaboration with the FOX series to the launch of the fifth season of “The Walking Dead”. Through a tram stop in Vienna rebuilt and augmented reality generated by the superposition of two videos. A perfect fusion of the real and virtual world.

There are many examples of how to play with the story and characters and publicize the release of a film or series. In that game between reality, fiction, advertising is where you can find some interesting ways that will result in different creative and humane campaigns be remembered. 

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Campaign to save water in the kitchen and shower

Water is essential for our survival and it is essential to perform our daily activities part, but the sources of this liquid will contaminate increasingly, we must make efficient use.

Guatemala is a country with a positive water balance, ie, it is a net producer of water from cloud forests, volcanoes and cones by the trade winds and orographic rain. Rain fed water from rivers, lakes and storage in different aquifers -water subterránea- in different regions of the country, explains Oscar Nunez, director of Defenders of Wildlife.

In the higher parts of the mountains and areas of protected areas, the water is relatively clean and unpolluted. To the extent that water begins to go down the river begins to be contaminated by the feces of cattle handled extensively.

The United Nations says that 20 liters a day of clean water should be recognized as a human right and definitely free.

At home you can take simple steps to save water and turn off the tap when not used for brushing teeth and hands or when utensils are washed measures. Also wash the car and watering plants with bucket instead of hose and shower as soon as possible, adds Núñez.

The campaign’s Song Shower developed by best faucet brands seeks to motivate children, youth and adults to save water, to take on the challenge to swim in three minutes. You can download the song on the link , to share in social networks.

“A person takes 10 to 12 minutes in the shower and use more than 50 gallons of water, if we can reduce the time to a minimum of three and a half minutes there would be a savings of approximately 35 gallons of liquid per person, per day” Nunez added.

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Campaign “Open your arms to life” to help pregnant women in Mexico

Referential image. Photo: Sara Musico (CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0)

A number of institutions of civil society came together to join forces and seek attention and care to pregnant women vulnerable to the campaign “Open your arms to life”that seeks to make Families provide funds for these women in Mexico.

As pointed out by the SIAME, this is a company born from the need to care for pregnant women who lack support initiative, suffer abuse during labor or forced abortion for various reasons.

The campaign involved institutions such as: Red Family , Mother and Child Network, Yoliguani, IRMA and VIFAC, by integrating this campaign is promoted by 45 support groups, which have joined 530 promoters.

The mechanical collection is by organizing and conducting five breakfasts, one per week (to be announced in advance), where will be collecting donations that are generously provided by attendees families through systems of systematic collection, events where participation is scheduled speakers and experts on different issues.

The organizers asked the Mexican families who contribute to see women happy together with their babies and their families, while they made them see that supporting women is essential to form stable families who foster the generation of good citizens for Mexico.

According to the chairman of the Family Network, Manuel Campero, the proceeds will be directed to various actions such as lodging and food during pregnancy, psychological therapies, 4d ultrasound nyc, medical care, job training and courses for the care and education of children and assisted childbirth, and most importantly: free; and to make it possible, it requires more families come together to benefit this sector of society.

The Observatory Maternal Deaths notes that in 2012 killed 960 mothers from preventable causes during pregnancy, while 73 per cent of maternal mortality is attributable to direct causes, such as abortion , hypertensive diseases of pregnancy, birth trauma, bleeding and sepsis.

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Genie presents a campaign of online training for crane operators

One of the main exhibits at the Genie booth at the fair held last week in Las Vegas was a new online training program for crane operators in lifts, known as Genie Lift Pro .

Genie presents online training for crane operators.The online portion of the course is interactive and takes about three hours to complete and is intended to replace the theoretical part of the training room of the incumbent. Only participants who answer 100 percent of the questions correctly can print your certificate of completion.

To complete the training, the candidate must attend a live practice session, which can be performed in a local authorized dealer. If the student demonstrates competence and expertise in the operation of the elevator, your certificate will be signed by the instructor and receive a signed card that proves that he has been training.

Mike Samora, director of Performance Training Solutions global marketing, online course developer argues that “Lift Pro training program gives end users the ability to train at their own pace and on your own schedule. This is unprecedented in the industry and we anticipate that the program will potentially increase productivity and safety in the workplace “.

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Promote the aesthetic care of foot

“Oh my feet,” moaned Susi. He sat on the wall, opposite the market, kicked off her shoes and rubbed his fingers together. “That long trek brought me much pain,” he told his friend Marli. “. I’ll rest a little before starting shopping” To which his friend replied. “My feet also need a break, so I’ll take the shoes and I will stay here with you for a few minutes” After a rest, both continued purchases in the market.


I hope that your feet are well today. Otherwise I invite you to sit and share this half hour with us. If you want you can take your shoes off, so you are more comfortable and relieved. For some of us, it may be that your feet are not the most beautiful part of our bodies but I’m sure it must do much to help. Transport our bodies everywhere all day.

What amazing work!


Do you know? I love you to my feet, because I am worried and I like to ride all day. They have to carry me, even if they are tired, I will force myself to follow.

I’m sure you will like to know how to best care for your feet.


How wonderful are your feet! Do not you think? They hold our bodies and transport them to where we command.Have you ever closely examined, these wonderful members of the body? They consist of a myriad of small bones.Almost a quarter of the total number of bones in our body all the’ll find feet. There is a 26 foot bones … 33 unions … and many ligaments, muscles and tendons holding those little bones together.

Our feet are really complex! I’m sure that sometimes the end of the day, let us know you have been working too. I think they say: Give me a break! I’m sure you’ll be spending the same when you feel tired and in pain. They deserve to be treated well.


And we must recognize that not always do, therefore, we will now have some suggestions about how we can care for our feet and keep them healthy and comfortable. You might want to come to a foot doctor and ask him for some advices to take care of your foot. But first, let’s wash and then we will use a hand cream or oil. While enjoying this music prepares the basin to wash them with warm water. Give the dry and then massage.


Let’s try one of the ways of massaging our feet.

First and right sitting, place one of your feet on the opposite knee. Place one hand on top of your foot and the other in the foot.

Rub gently and firmly from toes to ankles and Glide your hands back on your toes and do the same. You will feel a relief and notice how many bones there. After stretching and massage each finger and enjoy the feeling of relaxation that you produce.


Now with a thumb on the other presses in different parts in the sole of your foot starting at the center and then follow by other parties. Then pressed his thumb and makes circles in the arch of the foot and the rounder parts. It will make you feel good.

Then you do the same with the other foot. Put on your knee with your hands and repeat the same operation massaging from toes and ankles. First from the foot and then over and not forgetting finally, finger by finger. Use your thumbs to press in different parts of the foot and circled over the bow to rest and feel relief. At the end wash your hands with hand cream masajéalas too.


I’m sure if your feet could smile would do now! It seems like our two hands may be the best treatment for our two tired feet. But I’m remembering another way to massage your feet. Place in a bowl balls or balls with which children play. Agrégale hot soapy water and introduce your feet there. When you move or you spin the balls under the soles of your feet that will make sure you feel great.


Watch your feet and think about all the hard work they do. I was talking to my podóloga- one specialist foot care and I learned some things we can do to maintain healthy feet. I tell some of these suggestions:

It is good to wash our feet every day. Use warm, hot or cold water and mild soap or anti-bacterial. Rinse and dry them. Be sure to wash and dry between the toes too.


Wash my feet every day it helps me keep them clean and fresh but also relieved. What makes me really well wetted with warm water.

The next thing to do is to keep nails clean and trimmed, but not too short. Not too cuts in the corners because then grow twisted and placed on the skin of the finger and can hurt a lot.


I’ve discovered that cut my nails better after wash my feet or immediately after bathing.


Exactly! That was going to tell you now. Our nails are softer after washing in water and is easier to cut.

Have your skin very dry feet … especially around the heel? This is especially true where the climate is drier. The heels may come to cracking and hurt a lot. You can massage with some vegetable oil or lotion before going into bed. Luegoponte cotton stocking some sleep.


Something important in the care of our feet refers to the shoes we wear. We must choose ones that are comfortable and fit well. It’s nice to have beautiful and fashionable shoes, but it is much more important to have a well fitting.They say it’s better to buy in the afternoon when your feet are tired and swollen from walking. Just get yourself comfortable shoes that fit you never think you are tight that’ll stretch later. Note open space for your fingers, but not too large, so that the foot inside the shoe does not dance.


What about walking barefoot? Could it be that we do well?

I will tell you that sometimes is okay, if you know where you walk and there is nothing that hurts your feet. If you live near the sea, you can walk barefoot on the sand too. But in general, it is best to avoid wear shoes hurt your feet with a piece of glass or a nail, or thorns. In tropical areas is the danger of small parasitic worms that can enter your body through your feet, so it is best to wear shoes, sandals or tennis.


What can we say about doing foot exercises as well as we do for other body parts? You probably think that your feet and did enough exercise to get you from one place to another during the day; and indeed they have done a lot. Walking in shoes that provide good support you and if they are soft mean a great exercise for the feet. But we can do some other type of movements and exercises when we feel our tired and aching feet. We describe only some of them.


The first thing I’m going to suggest is Ball Roll it. Consigueuna small ball like the golf or table tennis. Sit down and take off your shoes. Place your bare foot on the ball and turn it, do not get up, do it sitting. Then change to the other and move the ball under the foot.

Another exercise is to toes. Spread seeds dried beans on the floor and try to lift with your fingers. It’s fun!

Another exercise is to make circles with your foot. Sit up straight, lift your foot in front of you and make circles to one side and then the other. Repeat each exercise several times.


I’m sure these exercises will make you feel rested.

But now I want to talk about something that is not so nice. This is when our feet stink. Do you happen? Mine sometimes do not smell very good. Well I’ll tell you, our feet have thousands of pores or small holes in the skin where sweat. But some people sweat more than others and that can make taking smelly feet. There are some bacteria on our feet and that can also cause odor.

There are some things we can do to smell good.


Wash your feet every day with lukewarm water or even with cold water and enjabónalos to remove dust and germs. If you wear stockings should always be clean and dry and of course you must cambiártelas every day. Use those that are made of cotton or natural fiber if you can get them. More easily absorb perspiration than nylon stockings or other synthetic material.

If you have more than one pair of shoes, do not use every day the same pair. Give your shoes rest at least one day to allow them to dry well inside.


I have some more to share recipes. In my town cinnamon insoles are sold. Ask for them in any shoe. They are very good to absorb foot perspiration and odor also does not let you take the shoes you wear. I recommend; Discover them, cinnamon-templates and place inside shoes and you’ll see …


Let me share a tea … Water … soak your feet in tea water once a week for 30 minutes. The acid kills bacteria and closes the pores inthe skin. Estomantiene your feet dry longer.

And one more; before using your shoes, sprinkle with baby powder or baking soda so they transpire less.


I think my feet are happy with all these ideas. They enjoy much my kind attentions towards them.

I hope you can apply some of this to your tired feet.

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